Don’t act your age.Redefine it.

To be alive is to be aging.

Accessing information and resources that help to make the journey of life both enjoyable and easy is essential.

About Us

This website was established through the visionary leadership of the Community Memorial Foundation, in partnership with The Hinsdalean and a group of leaders involved in the work of caring for, supporting and providing assistance to our community as it pertains to an aging population. We are called The Healthy Aging Task Force.

At the end of the day, we are all aging.  Every day. There is a well established understanding for the first chapters of life, but less so for the second chapter, it seems.

But in all honesty, there are resources, endless good information, answers to your questions and a community of people with you on this journey. This website is designed to help you discover that. If you need information for yourself as you navigate next steps (My journey) , or if you are the spouse, child or friend of someone seeking answers (With them on their journey), information and support, it’s all here.

To be alive is to be aging. We want to help navigate the path, dispel some myths, offer support and help you every step of the way.

Navigating the cycle of life is a true journey. Walking side by side with someone as they celebrate the moments that make life extraordinary and tackle the moments that make life challenging is a privilege. What makes each journey special is that we have people we can lean on. We invite you to learn more from our partners.  

Explore, ask, wonder and prepare.

There is so much to learn about every stage of life. As we age our lives change and we constantly seek information about how to adjust to each new phase. Embracing every new stage of life builds our strength and heightens our joy.

We are here to help you embrace aging, and redefine what it means to you at every stage.

The Healthy Aging Task Force